How to Do Upholstery Cleaning by Yourself

Cleaning is essential to keep our home a pleasant place to live in. Most of the furniture in our home that we often used like chairs, sofas are upholstered; meaning, they are covered with a soft padding for cushion and comfort. With time and with much use, they become dirty and stained. If you want convenience and if you have a big budget, you can contact professionals, like upholstery cleaning Fairfield, to do the job for you. But if you want to do it on your own, you certainly can; you only need this guide and the determination to do so. Here is a basic guide on how to do upholstery cleaning by Yourself.

1. Vacuum

A necessary step on cleaning upholstery is also to clean its surroundings. So, pull the furniture one by one, and then dust and vacuum the place where it was rested or planted. The chances are that dust has settled in the area, so use a wet sponge or damp cloth to wipe off the dust. Next, is removing the upholstery themselves, and also vacuum the place where they came from.

2. Be Careful on Using Water

One of the biggest mistake people make in cleaning upholstery is by not estimating, and using too much water. Upholstery that has been washed with too much water can become moldy and may give off an odd odor. To avoid this, only use water or cleaning solutions with drops, test and estimate how much water the padding can hold.

Furthermore, you also should be aware on what kind of material your upholstery is made of. Read manufacturers’ suggestion so you can clean them efficiently and avoid ruining them.

3. Cleaning

After determining the right kind of upholstery cleaner, only use a spray to spread the liquid. Spray in areas that need cleaning, and then pat the spots to remove the dirt or stains, but avoid overdoing this because the moisture can creep in too deep. Also use a clean damp cloth to supplant your patting, make a wiping motion on the area to wipe off dirt. Finish this off by using a dry towel this time, swipe and absorb as much moisture as you can for faster drying.

4. Drying

Drying is an essential part of cleaning upholstery; it is also the last part. To determine if you are doing drying the right way, you only need to check if it has completely dried up after 24 hours. Otherwise, it can be soggy and would smell bad.

The best advice for drying upholstery is placing it in the heat of the sun; so, it is best if you do your upholstery cleaning on a clear sunny day.

If, however, you don’t have the luxury of picking a day off, there are other alternatives to dry off upholstery more efficiently. You can use hair dryers, and you can turn up the heat to three degrees, and use it against the wet areas. It is also important to remember not to use the upholstery if they have not thoroughly dried off because sitting on them can cause the moisture to go deeper; hence, making it harder for the water to evaporate.

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